Week 1:Wind of Change

I remember planning my first major vacation as an adult and asking for specific days off work.  I worked in a major insurance company’s actuarial department in Nashville and wanted to go to Fort Walton Beach, FL for my first exposure to salt water in the Gulf of Mexico.

I made no contingency plans because I had no experience committing to something and having my plans derailed by unforeseen circumstances.  As the departure date approached, a hurricane like Matthew brewed in the Atlantic with no clear indication which way it would travel or where it would make landfall.

My journey began with trepidation but my first view of the beach alleviated all doubt of my vacation’s success until the evening news announced the storm’s projected path inside the gulf.  Each day I expected to evacuate before the mass exodus but instead watched as the waters grew quieter with no hint of the storm that was building less than 200 miles away until one day the water was like a sheet of glass.  Each day I experienced something new along the beach,  including something to do with being sunburned someplace I didn’t think possible.

I remained in Ft. Walton Beach long enough to see the weather change, the wind return and larger than usual wave patterns roll onto the beach.  I had to take someone else’s word for it because I didn’t know what average waves were like.

And so it is with the master key…. I’ve made a commitment to myself, a promise, and I don’t know what to expect, and I’m taking someone else’s word for it.  I don’t know what could come up that might threaten to derail my plan, but I believe that the new blueprint ignores such threats and there is no need for contingencies.

I am thankful for the materials and exercises and for the guidance of those who have worked through this before me.  I am thankful for the encouragement to persevere everyday, to read and practice with an open mind until the promise I’ve made to myself is fulfilled and the wind of change has blown away every misconception of life that I allowed myself to believe.

I am possible. I am powerful. I believe. And I always keep my promises.

Whhhhhhhhoooohooooooeeeeeeeoo. May it ever blow.











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