Week 4 – Trust

Before I begin blogging, I’d like to say, with love, that I enjoyed going to many of your blog sites and being on twitter and commenting and sharing and re-tweeting.  I appreciate you following me.  I still need to acquire skills to respond and acknowledge. Please be patient, allow me more time and give me more opportunities to practice. Thank you.

So last week I laughed as I blogged on Tuesday.  By Wednesday my heart was filled with an indescribable feeling. Perhaps one of you knows what it is, please fill me in.

Consider all the excitement of starting this course. “Going back to school” and I “knew” what was being talked about.  I was wowed by the opportunity to learn a new way to read and to learn to “do” social media with how-to videos to review if I didn’t get it all in the webcast. I didn’t know enough about the course to realize I had removed and mislaid a KEY piece of the Master Key program, the Blue Print Builder.

I believe the exercises I did practice everyday, telling myself about the successes in my future, reached me, spoke to me and required me to go what I thought was “backward” at the time and find what I needed to be who I will to be.  Of course it could be as simple as me stating everyday “I will read my blue print builder everyday out loud with enthusiasm and my subby getting me to pick up the right page… but the feeling. It was one of those “I can close my eyes and rest easy tonight. All is right with the world.”  Was I being cared for? Did I just take care of myself?

I trust this process.  I’ve looked for help with my dreams for years.  Now I think the two I need to come together in agreement are my conscious mind and my subconscious mind.  As long as what I want is good for all that will be affected, feels unstoppable to me.  I need a bigger space cause there’s a lot more than my head growing here, my spirit is singing on extended wing.

The colors and shapes are angels reminding me of my new journey, my new habits and my new successes. I’m not flying alone.

My favorite image is someone seeing tomatoes as red circles. My favorite part of the alliance area is Masterminds & Kindnesses and I’ll go look at DMP’s tomorrow.

Tonight I realized I can practice speed reading on the computer screen.  Haven’t done that yet.  So, I trust you’ll be blogging and I’ll be reading and pressing more buttons.  I am so looking forward to it with all my heart.

3 thoughts on “Week 4 – Trust

  1. Master Key Nanette

    Please do share your speed reading tips on the computer screen, Anita! I attended that webinar and am trying to implement it with printed material, but will be very interested in hearing how you’re able to apply this online (I’ve taken speed reading courses in the past and have since discovered my eyes don’t see things the way most others’ do). I too am playing catch up. I didn’t see (not even sure if it was there) the Master Key System book as a required initial purchase (yet bought 50 crayons instead of four {seemed more might be better} and 2 of Og with no reason for why). Imagine my confusion with all these number passage indications without a reference, not having seen or read the premise of the program. Ouch. So, yep, I get gaps and related confusion. So glad to hear you’ve conquered yours.



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