Week 6 – Clean Sweep

I “re-blogged” James Jower yesterday and when I came to my site tonight to enter my blog, I thought someone had “helped me out.” But it’s nice I got to read his blog again and I have a nice tune in mind as well.

Week 6 has been phenomenal and astounding for me.  We’ve learned that what we think we become, what we pay attention to we manifest.  We’ve been shown ways of controlling our thoughts and how busy and unmanaged those thoughts can become.  We’ve been given lots of ways to practice becoming aware.  And OMG it’s working.

Haanel’s saying pay attention and on Tuesday I read the second scroll where Mandino and I have begun greeting each day with love in my heart.  I ended up on Davene’s website and Jana Martinez’s speedreading exercises made me immediately recognize love in the arrangement of the symbols we’re using each week.  Like this, Image result for rectangle circle triangle square. It was so unexpected I stopped doing anything.  To be exact it was like this.shape-color-love

I’ve begun to work better around the house using “does this help me reach my definite major purpose.”  My decisions are quick and “do it now” follows with swift action.  There can be so many things change between one day and the next.  This has made a big impact on mine.

My dream is old and as I continue to contemplate, I see it from the other side of the press release.  It is woven with old ways of doing things.  I had certain expectations of myself that I haven’t attained with pushing.  My clean-sweep tonight refers to the limiting judgements I’ve made of myself. Fresh rain to settle the dust, light breeze to dry things out.

Mark J wrote, “…and what will really “stun” you is the amazing you patiently waiting for you… within you :).”  I not looking forward anymore.  I’m looking within and I’m paying attention.

Thank you.

Be well.


5 thoughts on “Week 6 – Clean Sweep

  1. Heather C.

    Great post. I’m still struggling with “what we pay attention to we manifest.” I’m desperately trying to move away from the mentality of debt and lack, yet it’s still overwhelming. Finances are very worrisome and always on my mind. I keep trying to focus on my DMP and LIBERTY, so that will manifest instead of more bills. Ugh! It sure is a process, one which I shall master and accomplish.



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