Week 1 – What It Takes To Sit In The Saddle

When I was a little girl and fell off a horse, my daddy told me to get back on and do it again. I thought he wanted me to fall off again.

I’m a good looker. I look at the stats on my blog and I look goo-ood.

Of course, I’m the one that’s looking at my blog and every time I look, the count goes up. It’s OK, being a numbers girl, this is fun. But if you’re not having fun with something, let me guess:


First blog said I’m getting everything done, and I am, but let me share some details with you.

I don’t feel time so when I ‘sit’ I set my timer for 16 minutes and start the countdown. I reposition, breathe, check my eyes, my nose, my fingers, my toes…. When the timer goes off 14 minutes later I wake up. I didn’t scratch an itch. I hardly moved a muscle.

I’ve scheduled 3 separate 15 minute sit slots in my day because this stuff accumulates and I’ll get 15 minutes of conscious sitting without moving even if it is in pieces. If I didn’t, well, there’s no getting back the day.  I know with practice the size of the pieces will increase. If breathing doesn’t keep me awake I pick a color to see and repeatedly bring my focus back to that color. If color isn’t holding my attention I try a number. 1’s okay. 5 million’s a good number, too.

If you’re moving and twitching and scratching what itches, please, Please, PLEASE don’t be discouraged.  If 15 minutes is the goal of the day and you are sitting 2 minutes, starting over, 2 more minutes then starting over again, go do what you have to do after 15 minutes is up but set another time slot in your day to again sit and not move.  This really does accumulate.  You will get better and, with practice, the length of time spent sitting still will increase.

Relax. You wrote it down so you know you got this.

I love you.  I promise I will always love you. And I always keep my promise.

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