Week 2 – With En-THU-siasm

In week 2 I know the names of the 7 Laws of the Mind and am presently holding 2 close: Relaxation and Practice. I am practicing repeatedly reading each day and staying relaxed even when yesterday I spent too much time on my 2nd draft DMP and I wasn’t even trying to perfect it, I just hyper-focused on conveying details.

My reading schedule fell behind but I utilized the Master Key audio file for week 2 from the extended menu in the member’s area with Mark and Davene’s helpful comments and I followed the words in the book.

I’ve recorded Scroll I, a couple times. I always liked the way Mark said “EnTHUsiasm” so I enjoyed copying that style. Now, I understand.  I have to FEEL the emotion. Its the stomach-tightening, solar plexus subconscious reaching, thought-conveying feelings that I have to repeatedly practice feeling as I repeatedly practice reading the words that form new habits, words that put my dreams back on the map, words that feed my soul.

I love being in The Healing Tribe with everyone on Marco Polo. Thank you Jennifer and Davene.

I am grateful for all the extensive work that has gone into this course.

12 thoughts on “Week 2 – With En-THU-siasm

  1. lizmilton

    Haven’t yet looked at the Audio file – on my list for Saturday – love the fact that there are helpful comments, as I’m not finding Haanel easy to understand …

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