Week 4 – Grow a Little Faith

I saw it!

After last week’s blog filled with passionate expressions; after recognizing the simplicity of the requirements to change my life; after feeling the emotional emanations from seeing the ocean in a drop of water; I woke up Saturday feeling like my old self. I probably should have bought another box of tissue.

I think Shelagh told me, “The first time is by grace, then you work.”

I saw some incredible things this week because I was told to look for them. I did. I saw.

I made connections with people online and in passing. Some I’ll see again. “Thank you for the follow.” Some I will be of service to and others complimented me in some way. This is GREAT stuff!

But I felt tension in my body, resistance? Old Bluprint? Addiction?

I have deadlines.  “Get ready” is automatic. The tension of constantly “being ready” is exhausting….”I have lived too long as an onion plant…” and this is the old way.

In the Master Key 4-7 and 8 Haanel writes, “…the welfare of each part depends upon a recognition of the interest of the whole…. Those who recognize this principle…. do not wear themselves out.

Contemplating. There are deadlines. These are known. Next.

I see it again and the work that must follow.

The cement still fits. I’ve worn it so long I feel naked without it and outside my comfort zone.

I must trust the process. Grow a little faith and the cement will no longer fit.

I am grateful.

The Master Key.

I read this scroll 3 times a day as decribed….

7 thoughts on “Week 4 – Grow a Little Faith

    1. Anita Marsano Post author

      Thanks Jorge, I’m relaxing. For so long, I felt everything in my life depended on me To DO everything. I see now I am responsible for my life but “Thy will be done” also applies to me and I need to trust and let go.


  1. philipmach1

    Hi Anita
    Congrats on getting out of your comfort zone and loosening the cement allowing the person within to come shining through with flying colors . You are an inspiration to all of us because of your struggles and insights . We all need faith , whether it’s from your higher power or coming from the positive mental energy from the mind within . Keep the journey strong .


  2. kevinrmack

    Anita! Glad to hear you’re eliminating the “old way”. I’ve felt the same old self come on strong this week. Recognizing it, observing and stick to the plan! Great Job!!



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