Week 5 – What I’ve Learned

I’m learning the means of driving my life in a desired direction rather than the bumper car scenario where you’re semi-safe with a faux steering wheel and quazi-foot pedals.

Now I’m in a class above and rising.

The evidence of this is ME! I have the ability to have a completely super day. I plan it, write it down, and do it.  I keep a few notes on index cards in my pocket to remind me to substitute enjoyment for whatever I get sidetracked by and “Presto-Change-o.”

Sounds simple, and it is, was, has been. You notice the title has week 5 in it. The bigger plan is to relax and have more than a super day. With practice I can build a life that of purpose.

The nicest part is I don’t have to actually figure out every little thing I’m doing wrong or why I’m doing wrong things, I just learn to do right things and repeatedly do right things. Start with attitude.  An attitude of gratitude is a good thing but you have to find an attitude of forgiveness as well. Just consider the “old” you held grudges or hurt feelings and your body tensed each time you were reminded. That tension precludes any rise in consciousness.

Try this. You have something that bothers you. Ask yourself what would make the incident OK in your eyes. Find an acceptable answer. If it’s because hell froze over that day, was there snow? If yes, did it last long enough to have a snowball fight or build a snowman? Did anybody suffer frostbite since they were unprepared for the unexpected change in temperature? Remember this each time you’re reminded of the former irritation.

The sweetest part is I’m one of my teachers, and I’m not too bad. My fellow students are my teachers. My guide, my teachers, my neighbors, people I meet in the store are all my teachers, because I’m paying attention.  I’m opening up.  I’m seeing and listening on the inside.

Lastly, I’m paying attention to what I think because what I think about grows and that’s a good thing, for a lot of reasons.

Thank you for your time and attention. If you have any questions or observations, leave a comment, I’ll get back with you.

16 thoughts on “Week 5 – What I’ve Learned

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