Week 6 – It’s Only A Gift If I Give It Away

I’m writing about forgiveness again.

I’ll share a few decisions I’ve made this week, tell you a couple stories. Remember the Law of Dual Thought as you read this. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.

For two weeks, since the Press Release assignment, I’ve been dealing with clay. Last week I suggested we can find a way to view the irritants as “right”.  For example:

A young native-American man left the reservation to fight for America during World War I. He was not well received by his fellow soldiers and when his troop was captured by German forces and fed rotting food riddled with maggots in a prisoner of war camp, he felt treated less than human. “Why?”

His wartime experience colored his view of life and upon his return home to the reservation he was virtually unsociable and used whatever means available to forget.

The elders in a tribal council determined he was bad medicine and must choose whether to leave the tribe for good or take the council’s judgment.  He chose to stay.

He was taken to a high rocky point above the lake, tied with a long rope and pushed into the water. As he sank, he did not resist. He had returned to his home and would rather die than continue to live with the memory of the mistreatment he had endured.

Darkness increased as the waters deepened and he noticed a light which became one of the german soldiers who had brought him food. Again he asked, “Why?”

This time he was answered, “There was no good food to eat. If I had not given you that food you would have died of starvation.” He chose to accept that answer.  In such a circumstance it was alright to have been fed maggots.

He struggled against the rope indicating he had a change of heart and wanted to live and was pulled to the surface. Over time he became the tribal leader and lived a long productive life.

We can change the story.

“Don’t touch the stove, you’ll get burned.”

I didn’t get burned when I touched the stove, it wasn’t hot. It wasn’t on at the time.

The admonishment I received was predominantly true. I knew something was wrong but didn’t know what was right.  I lacked understanding, experience… wisdom.

I can sulk over being told a half truth. I can be upset because people got away with touching the stove when I obeyed. I can kick myself for not understanding… or I can change the story.

I may not be talking about a stove.

I will greet this day with love in my heart.

With love I will tear down the wall of suspicion and hate which they have built round their hearts and in its place will I build bridges so that my love may enter their souls.

What a beautiful gift I can bestow. I have only to forgive.

I choose to forgive myself for believing wrong things, half truths and I forgive the ones who told me. I choose to forgive myself for not understanding. I’m not sure I understand now. I do understand, I get to keep doing right things. Forming good habits to replace bad habits and become their slave. I get to read the words of this essay on compensation even if I don’t understand them either. Perhaps if I practice relaxation.

I choose to give and receive forgiveness. What a beautiful gift to myself, the drop… the ocean.

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Week 6 – It’s Only A Gift If I Give It Away

  1. philipmach1

    Anita ,
    Thank you for sharing your prose about forgiveness and the gifts of giving and receiving . I am “touched “ in many ways (Metaphorically speaking and referencing touching the stove) !
    I love your insight and your stories and look forward to your weekly wisdom .


  2. David Vance

    Wow, Anita, powerful. Forgiveness is a tough nut to crack (at least for me, and especially for myself), but the focus on love in Scroll II is definitely helping me find it in my heart to quit holding grudges and just love “them,” despite the past.


  3. artney1

    Great post, Anita, I am grateful that we are given those two gifts of forgiveness everyday of our lives!
    One gift if we hurt someone, we can be forgiven, and the other gift if someone hurt us we can forgive them.



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