Week 7 – Again?!

Surprise! I’m writing about forgiveness again. This will be the watered down version due to excessive rinsing. And there’ll be some redemption at the end…

Two weeks ago when we were making 7 Laws of the Mind our new best friends, I recognized resistance with Forgiveness. By last week, with scroll II going on, when the lesson told us we’d go no further unless we forgave, I didn’t know what to do.  I’d been living with and breathing through a complete encasement of clay for so long I didn’t know how to think without it. I didn’t even recognize myself. Who I want to be is a better version of who I thought I was, but that’s not who I was at all.

We won’t go over who I was because on Sunday we participated in a Master Mind together that was so profound I let go of who I was. This old blueprint isn’t vanquished, I’ve observed it yesterday and today, fear and resentment, but I observed and chose a different path.

I tape my fingers to remind myself not to pick up the old clay but even remembering to wear the tape is a sign of improvement. My old life lays down its life for my future self. I lay down the life I wasn’t paying attention to in order to live.

Sunday’s mastermind took place when we all sat together, we all went to the same place, our center, and at least some of us agreed with what Mark was saying because I took off my clay suit and walked. I’m redeemed by love divine. I am a new man, trembling with new hopes and new dreams.

Greatest Love of All is the music used in my audio file…

I am truly grateful to be walking this path with all of you.  Thank you for your kind words encouraging me to write more.  The lessons encouraging me to read aloud and now hearing my voice several times a day,  everyday is making me familiar with an aspect of myself I wasn’t used to.  Is my voice changing? Or am I just getting used to hearing it?

5 thoughts on “Week 7 – Again?!

  1. David Vance

    The Mental Diet has been a welcome change for me – dropping all the negative thought patterns I’ve been weighed down with for so long. Liberating!

    I’ve found that by keeping my thoughts neutral to everything and everyone, my negative baggage doesn’t have a shelf to sit on anymore, so I can simply observe what’s going on without judging (this is a MAJOR accomplishment for me!). And all those old hurts? The emotional charge is gone!

    I’m better able to take everyone at face value without an immediate reaction or old judgement, and that’s bringing peace to my psyche…



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