MKMMA Week 8 – Who is helping you?

I have done the battleship exercise before and it made such a profound impression on me I could not get the previous images and impressions out of my mind. I’m still in awe. The person who dream ed up the battleship never mined the ore, smelted the steel, poured the bolts, pressed the plates. He didn’t provide any of the manual labor required to complete so massive a project. It heartens me since I also have a big project.

I wondered this time who supported this dreamer, not food and lodging, but who did he mastermind with?

Who are the people in my mastermind? They are wonderful people on a Hero’s journey, taking precious time to hear me, sharing their dreams, letting me see my dreams through their eyes.

I’m Grateful.

The tools we’ve been given are astounding. I look forward to the skill and precision I gain as I continue to use the Law of Substitution, the Law of Dual Thought, the Law of Relaxation, the Law of subconscious, the law of Growth and the Law of Forgiveness. I welcome my awareness of the Law of Compensation working in my life and I observe the resistance that reflects old ways of doing things. ways that did not work. There are too many new (old) tools for me to get good at using for me to spend any more time, thought or energy on the old.

I monitor my daily activities. I am becoming aware of the little thieves I allow to take time away from my hero’s journey. I get to practice OATS, gain skill organizing the time I have so there is NO time for old ways, old injuries, old attempts at being helpful.

Do or do not. There is no try.


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