Week 9 – Take some Inspiration, Pass It On

I live with a cat. Sometimes I hear my name at a grocery, over the intercom, “Anita cleanup on aisle 13,” or a department stores, “Anita cashier in menswear.” Everybody knows my name. What a call to service,

Since joining this class, hearing my name spoken to me, I guess I didn’t need recognition for creative expression as much as I needed recognition as a live human being, breathing, still taking up space.

Being part of a mastermind, with Patrice, Denise, Jose Jorge, Gavin and Jean is both inspiring and uplifting. They say my name to me everyday.

Gavin created his first podcast and it’s up on Gav’s network

I listened to it. It is truly calm and peaceful.  Together with my thoughts on our mastermind, I felt I was in Tolkein’s fellowship of the ring. We have one goal, to become our future selves.

I felt inspired. I was hearing my name, I wanted their names to be heard.  So, I wrote a screenplay, exemplifying masterminding (Below), naming characters after them.

Yesterday, Gavin shared part of his DMP with us, “It is an amazing feeling, knowing my message of love and happiness is getting out into the world and people who are attracted to tuning into my podcast are being inspired by my stories and how I’ve changed my habits and become happier, healthier and wealthier.”

…those drawn to my message of love and happiness will be inspired…

No title yet

Though Patrice and Gavin are not in the same location they form a mastermind on Denise’s behalf.

 Patrice walks into a kitchen filled with sunlight and the beams surrounding her sparkle and dance around the room.

Patrice:  “I need help.”  Nothing in the room changes.

Patrice: “I need help, NOW.”

Nothing changes as Patrice bows her head, takes a deep breath, lets the breath out, steps to the side, pulls back a stool and sits.

Patrice gets comfortable, yet sits up straight and closes her eyes.

After a moment you hear her think, “I love you.”

At that moment movement in the room ceases, the sparkles are still alight but motionless.

Patrice continues to think and we hear her voice say, “I love you and I have a need,”

All the sparkles instantly jump to form a single light beam from her through the wall, you can see through a window that the beam continues outside and beyond.

Patrice continues to silently pray, “to send healing love to my friend, Denise. Please let her awaken with all her faculties, plus a few more, she can use some extra.”

Patrice wipes a tear as she laughs at her own joke and the cord of lights noticeably vibrates.

Patrice continues, “Thank you for this day I greet with love.  I feel the warmth of the sun. I am charged by  the air and oxygen I breath. Thank you for the scents I smell and the foods I eat. I am grateful for the gift of this day.”

Patrice continues to sit but now quietly, no thoughts are heard and the clock on the wall behind her changes 10 minutes and the cord of light that extends from her through the wall outside and beyond gets a little brighter and a little bigger.

The clock on the wall changes again to indicate 20 more minutes has passed. Patrice gets up, blows her nose and leaves.  The cord of light continues to extend from her.

Fade to black

Fade in

A woman, named Denise, lies in a hospital bed unconscious. Her brother, Gavin, sits beside her holding her hand, praying, and a cord of light connects him to her. There is another cord of light to her from a beam entering through the wall. She awakens, sees her brother and smiles weakly.

Denise: “Hey bub, you good?”

Gavin:  “I am now, how do you feel?”

Denise: “With my hands.”

They both laugh but Denise grimaces. The cord of light between them noticeably vibrates.

Gavin:  “serves you right, you sound like Patrice”

Denise: “She’s been on my mind. It’s like I felt her with me.”

He bows his head and pats her hand, then brings it up and holds it to his lips.

Gavin: “You sound wonderful, I’ll go speak to Dr. Martinez.”

He leaves . Fade to black.

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