Week 11 – As Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4

I’m grateful for the opportunity to express the love in my heart.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy.

We have 4 tiny habits to establish in our lives to attain our dreams – what can a mastermind do to assist in that establishment?

1. Definite Major Purpose –  Read the hand written version everyday.

2. Positive Mental Attitude – 7 Day Mental Diet, Relax, have patience w/ourselves and others,
Say, “I love you.”

3. PLAN backed by continuous ACTION.  – Your job, everyday, is to move ever closer to your dream.

4. Friendly Mastermind Alliance – gentle, loving, safe space to breathe, think, speak and grow.

In order for us to be a learning, growing community, we must use the structure given us.  Use our mastermind as we would any of the tools we’ve become aware of, to help us practice skills and gain understanding in our ability to be continuously in the flow, access the unlimited and manifest. 

The idea behind our use of a mastermind is our strengthened trust in the process.

One of the time management tools we’ve been encouraged to use is plan (think of/imagine) our day with gratitude, write it down, speak it aloud to this mastermind (no details please), and let it go.  Watch as the universal unfolds effortlessly for us a day even better than we imagined. Then share. I thank you for sharing.

As we plan our next week the weekend before, if we find only 15 mins/day to listen polos, then we must limit ourselves to 15 minutes.  We turned off the TV, turn this off as well.

Our tribe is also a tool, it includes our guide.  If we share with our tribe and want to share the same with our mastermind, then Polo once, hold your finger on your completed polo and a menu will display.  Select “Forward” it may be under “more options.” Then select whoever you wish to share the same polo with.

Let’s share our newfound wisdom whether it comes from within or we find it in the world around us.  We practice the law of giving when we share with no expectation of reciprocity from those receiving our gift.

We are a vibrant community, required to enter the mastermind alliances in the members area 2-3 times a week as part of our scholarship requirement. We have much to share and much to gain. That’s where we met. Go back.

I am practicing the speedreading 15 min/day at my midday reading. (I can “read” everything twice in that time) This is another place we were told to trust the process. Practice 15 minutes per day and the comprehension will develop.

We are to highlight points meaningful to us as we read the masterkey lesson each week, then Thursday on we can choose to read the highlights as we add Emerson and our press release – how about practicing some of that speedreading and trust that subby is getting it.

I’m grateful for the process and the movement.

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